Concrite offers a large range of premium decorative products suitable for industrial, civil, Council and residential projects.

Our coloured concrete can be requested by a customer during the batching process for a uniform colour. Our exposed aggregate concrete uses a natural stone and is ideal for driveways, footpaths and many more applications.

Standard Coloured Concrete (Oxide)

In stock at all our Sydney metropolitan plants.

These are our standard colours for any other requirements please ask our Service Centre for advice.

Care has been taken to accurately produce these colour samples. Concrite cannot guarantee the final colour on your site. Concrete is a mixture of many materials and these materials can vary causing variations in the final colour outcome. For best results please engage a placing professional, experienced in the use of coloured concrete.

Ready to order?

Your concrete will be delivered to you via our fleet of concrete trucks.

We have various trucks to suit various sizes of loads and site accesses.


Our range of products includes
(but is not limited to):