Central Dispatch

Great service from one location.

Sydney Metropolitan area orders are managed by our state of the art Central Dispatch Room.

Our experienced and knowledgeable operators will help you with all stages of your order from initial quoting and order placing to truck tracking and electronic payments. Concrite introduced the first Central Dispatch system in the market as well as the first GPS tracked fleet in the market and continue to innovate through the use of technology to remain the market leader!

Central dispatch means that our network of concrete plants can be utilized in the most efficient way possible to provide both great service and trucking efficiency.

Digital two-way, GPS tracking, auto-statusing and industry leading CommandSeries software give us the tools to help your project go as smoothly as possible.

Ask about “Mobile Jobsite”, the app that lets you see your orders in our systems and trucks on the way!

Account customers can receive SMS or Email alerts for order placement and cancellation as well as trucks loading.

Call 02 9542 4242 to talk to our friendly and helpful team. We’re sure you won’t find better!

GPS Fleet Tracking

Since 1999 Concrite has led the way with GPS truck tracking.

From our first system over VHF radio, we transitioned to a GPRS system to stay ahead of the game. Now a third generation platform brings high speed data and the reliability of the latest mobile network technologies.

Travel times to addresses are calculated in the system for every 250m x 250m square across all of Sydney and are updated with real world data.

Truck location can not only be viewed on a map but exact location of each delivery address is transmitted to the truck. The truck unit tells us when it leaves our plant and when it arrives on your site. This displays for all our staff to know exactly what’s happening in real time!

Concrite 1

10 Wheeler Trucks

  • Carrying Capacity

    Max 8.6m³

  • Height

    Minimum 4m clearance required for site access

  • Length


  • Width

    2.5m (0.4m extra required each side for mirrors)

  • Weight

    32 tonnes with Mass Management Accreditation

  • Chute Length


  • Chute Height


10 Wheeler Truck
10 Wheeler Truck Front